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Graded Card Display Cases

Until now, options for displaying your BGS and PSA graded and your One Touch Magnetic Holder cards have been few.  There's pretty much two sizes available, for around 30 cards, and around 50 cards.  Prices range from cheap to VERY expensive.  Quality is the same, commensurate with price.  Now, with GCD Cases, you have options for both quality and affordability, with more than just the standard options.  From a small case that will hold as few as three cards the largest of cases holding over 50 cards, your collection now has a proper home.

What sets GCD Cases Apart?

  • One on one customer support to ensure YOU are happy
  • 100% Hardwood Construction (back is made from hardwood plywood)
    • Typically Aspen is used, Poplar as a backup, others by request
  • Integrated UV Acrylic glass -- No hinged door to mess with
  • Thin -- Only 1.5 inches thick, far less than cases with a hinged door
  • Corners are 45° miter joints, not butted joints like cheaper cases
  • Interior is covered in black velvet or micrisuede depending on availability.  Your collection deserves the best after all.
  • Sturdy -- Cases have the shelves screwed to the back, and the back is screwed to the outer frame
  • Specific to the One Touch Magnetic Holder cases
    • Integrated metal into back sheet uses the one touch magnets to hold the cards firmly upright.  They will not fall forward even with a 30° forward tilt on the display case
  • Customizable -- From small to large, see our selection
  • Stain choice is up to YOU!

Some notes

Each case is built to order.  This is a one man show, and I have a "Job" job and family.  Given each case is hand built by me, and the staining process takes a few days to complete, time from order to shipping could be up to one week or slightly more.  I will advise each and every order of expected turnaround times.

Last, because these are hand made and hand stained, perfection is simply not possible like a mass production facility.  Minor imperfections can and will be found.  But what I can say is that I give my best into each and every piece I put out, and each case is uniquely perfect.