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About GCD Cases

GCD Cases is a one man show.  I am a graded card collector who was simply wanting to find a better solution to displaying my collection.  So I set about designing and producing my own personal cases, and during the course, people liked the work, and here I am hopefully making one for you!  I simply didn't like the options available.  Some cases were (to me) poorly made, others while very nice were way too expensive, and all had a piece that I simply do not like.  A huge swing out door, brass hinges, brass latches, etc.  Locks on something like that are pointless.  If someone wants in, they're getting into the case.  So I came up with my own design and through some experimentation found a setup that I liked, with removable yet integrated glass, a thin profile, and an aesthetically pleasing overall finished product.  I hope you see these in the same manner.