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Photo Gallery

More pictures will be coming as more cases are made. 

This is one of the last black frames to be done.  Completed in October 2014.  It holds three rows of 10 PSA graded cards. 

A VERY nice 5 card One Touch case I did for an ebay customer.

July 2014 -- This is a combo case.  Top row for 8 BGS slabs.  Bottom three rows for 9 One Touch cases.

This is a 7 card BCW 4 Screw holder case custom made out of Mahogany using Cabernet stain.  A beautiful red color, simply gorgeous.

This is a custom One Touch holder case by request.  I made this case with integrated metal for the One Touch cases to hold on to.  NO TIPPING FORWARD!

See, LOTS of forward case tilt and the cards held fast.  Pretty slick I must say.

A 10 card custom sized case, but what I'm showing here is the new way I'm cutting the wood that adheres to the glass.  MUCH cleaner now.

My latest case.  A three row 21 card case done in Minwax Polyshades black.  This one came out fantastic.

Same case, prepping for shipping.  Glass staged to show how it goes in and out.  Protective coating on glass still.


Close up of corner with glass fully seated. 

Another two row 14 card case going out the door.

Recently completed 14 card case showing how the acrylic glass is installed/removed.

This is a 2x2 case, prior to shelves being installed.  Glass was being test fit here.

2x2 case, no glass, shelves had just been installed.  This is my personal case.

Herer you can see how the glass is installed.  I router a groove throughout, and all the way through the top so it slides in seamlessly. 

My first completed case, happily on the wall.

This 2x4 case I used oak instead of poplar to make.  The grain was VERY deep hence the finish.  It's nice, but I'm sticking with a smoother wood. 

Shelves in the process of being stained.

A completed vertical 2x4 case.  This one utilizes the black velvet backing instead of suede.

A small single row  7 card case.

A 7 card loaded single, my personal collection.